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  • To restore and protect the upper Genesee River!

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  • Who we are

    In 2008 a group of concerned community members banded together to create a mission to help protect the Genesee River and to try to restore the river from former flood damage. It has taken a few years for us to get rolling, but in the last year many exciting things have happened. We have started construction on a couple of pocket parks, we have received our official non-profit status and we are finally starting to make a difference.

    We are an official 501-C-3 not-for-profit organization. Our mission is, to restore, protect, and enjoy the upper Genesee River by combining conservation, recreation, and business.

    We may be small, but we have big plans for our local area. We are making the river more accessible to everyone by installing parking, signs and safe boat launches. It is a great desire of ours for everyone to enjoy the river, so it is our goal to implement these small environmentally friendly changes so that every one in the surrounding area can safely enjoy all the benefits the river has to offer.The Genesee River Wilds is a coalition of groups and individuals working to develop an environmentally sustainable system of nature parks concentrated along the Genesee River in the “Genesee River Wilds.”

    The coalition works to improve the health of the upper Genesee River and its watershed; protect them from future environmental threats; and enhance their recreational potential.


    We have completed work on River Access Parks at the Transit Bridge site in between Belfast and Angelica, Belfast River Access Park just east of the Hamlet of Belfast and Caneadea on NY 19. It is now equipped with a kiosk and parking lot. Thank you to our park sponsor at Transit Bridge: Cuba, Fillmore & Fisher's Pharmacies for supporting our first river access site along the Genesee River. Thank you to our park sponsor at Caneadea Marshall Insurance Group supporting our second site. The Belfast Site is available for a sponsorship. Contact us at for more information.

    We are making arrangements to do a partnership with the two campgrounds along the river: Trout Run Campground in Stannards and Riverside Campground near Wellsville. We have additional launch sites that we are working to bring online in the coming year.

    1. 1.  Create Pocket Parks for canoe/kayak launches along the Genesee River.
    2. 2.  Improve signs to trail heads and launches throughout area.
    3. 3.  Work with partners on continuing improvements to the Upper Genesee River Trail, the Genesee Valley Greenway and other projects in the watershed.

    Triple Divide Trail System

    The strategic plan for the Triple Divide Trail System promotes conservation, recreation, natural flood control, education, and economic development by means of greenways/conservation corridors with multi-use trails for hiking, bicycling, and other low-impact travel), blueways (water trails for canoes and kayaks), minimally-invasive riverside nature parks, and riparian buffers (streamside forests). This system will extend ca. 230 miles from Lake Ontario in Rochester, NY, to the Susquehanna River in Williamsport, PA, via the Genesee River, Pine Creek, and the triple continental divide. The plan was produced in consultation with agencies and groups in NY and PA, so its features already appear in state, regional, and other planning documents from both states. Many parts of this system are complete (e.g., Letchworth State Park, Pine Creek Trail in Pine Creek Gorge) or at an advanced stage of development (e.g., Genesee Valley Greenway, extensions of Pine Creek Trail). Connecting the entire series into a complete “Triple Divide Greenway” and adding more nature parks, blueway infrastructure, and riparian buffers is a long-term project. Please visit our sister site for more information and to download the entire strategic plan.

    Triple Divide Map


    Monthly Meeting

    Board meetings are held on a monthly basis. If you would like to attend the next meeting please contact us at 585-268-7472 or to learn about the next time and location.

    Genesee River Float

    October, 2014 (TBA)

    Take part in the second leg of the trip by floating from Caneadea Creek along the Genesee River.

    Skill Level: Intermediate

  • Registration necessary. E-mail:
  • Members

  • William Hart, President

  • Alice Alsworth, Treasurer

  • Lee Gridley, Secretary

  • Doug Crandall, Board Member

  • H. Kier Dirlam, Board Member

  • John E. Foels, Board Member

  • Benjamin Gajewski, Board Member

  • Scott Torrey, Board Member

  • Shannon Dougherty, Advisory Board Member

  • Ron Abraham, Advisory Board Member

  • Donate

    Financial Donations

    We are a 501-C-3 non-profit organization and all gifts are tax deductable. Please review our giving levels below and send this portion of the page to the address listed below. Checks can be made payable to Genesee River Wilds.
    ❑ Dew Drop $25
    ❑ Babbling Brook $50
    ❑ Cascading Creek $100
    ❑ Rolling River $500
    ❑ Great Lake $1000
    ❑ Other $_________
    Phone _____________________________
    ❑ Please do NOT publicly recognize my
    ❑ I would NOT like to receive GRW internet
    and postal mailings
    PRIVACY STATEMENT: We do NOT share this information with other groups, and you may opt out of mailings at any time.

    Make Checks out to “Genesee River Wilds, Inc.” and address them to this organization: 

    Genesee River Wilds, Inc. 
    Crossroads Center
    6087 State Route 19N 
    Belmont, NY, 14813

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    Volunteers are needed for a number of projects and tasks. Even if you are not a financial supporter we gladly accept donations of time. Some of the tasks that we will need assistance with include grant writing, PR efforts, legal assistance, physical labor at park sites and on trails. If you are interested in providing any of these services please send a note to with your information and what kind of tasks interest you.

    Special Thanks!

  • Thank you to our Members!
  • Thank you to Cuba Fillmore Fisher Pharmacies for supporting the Transit Bridge River Access Site south of Belfast.
  • Thank you to Marshall Insurance Group for supporting the Caneadea River Access Site.
  • Contact Us

    To contact us, simply fill out the form below and your message will be sent to us!

    Triple Divide Map